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ADX(Internet based data polling)

With Pointsoft ADX (Automatic Data eXchange), scheduled and unattended data polling can be easily managed.

ADX supports two types of transfers: FTP transfer with Internet connection (broadband, ADSL, VPN, dial-up) and modem transfer using telephone lines.

A typical example of usage is for chain stores that need to exchange data with head office after closing - ADX provides automated, secured, and hassle free transfers.

Out scheduled FTP transfer is particularly useful for out of town outlets - savings on long-distance telephone bills alone could easily pay for ADX many times over.

Pointsoft ADX(Internet based data polling)

Features highlight:

  • Centralized corporate polling
  • Support both Internet and modem dial-up connections
  • Manage data upload/download with built-in Phone Book
  • Scheduled data transfer (e.g. starts everyday at 2:30am)
  • Unsuccessful attempts can be limited to number of calls or by time (e.g. 3 calls, or try until 8:00am)
  • Detail activity journal
  • Semi real-time transfer - for older generation software that do not have on-line capabilities
  • User definable Start and End time for semi real-time transfer (e.g. from 9:00am to 5:00pm)
  • Manual transfer options

Pointsoft ADX(Internet based data polling)

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