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Pointsoft Call Center (PCC) is a breakthrough solution for food operators with delivery service. It is an advanced Internet-based application that integrates call center POS with CTI “softphone” into one efficient solution. Based on an ingenious cost effective design, PCC requires no fixed-IP at the outlets - this feature alone represents tremendous savings on Internet line costs.e easily managed.

Pointsoft Call Center

PCC is build for a simple

purpose: to enable Pointsoft customers to serve their customers better. PCC helps not only cut costs, but also capture new customers, and maintain loyalty via high-volume sales through the lowest cost channel. From two-store local operators to nationwide chains, no delivery operation is too small or too large for PCC

Pointsoft Call Center

System flow:

  • When a customer calls, PCC captures the phone number from CTI. Even before the call center agent says “Hi” second time caller and regular customer's name and address is retrieved from the data server using the caller ID, and delivered to the agent’s monitor as a “screen pop” Information on previous orders is available with a click of the mouse.
  • Call center agent takes the new order and routes it to the restaurant closest to the customer.
  • The order is printed at the restaurant’s guest check printer, with a barcode to identify the order. A copy is also send to the kitchen printer for order preparation.
  • When the order is ready for dispatch, the delivery driver scans the barcode on the guest check and scans his own nametag to complete the dispatch process. This way, when a customer calls about the order he is waiting for, he can be given the status of his order.

Pointsoft Call Center

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