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Pointsoft Delivery tracks orders as well as valuable customer information quickly and efficiently. It is unique in its flexibility and feature-rich design, covering everything from driver management to an integrated CRM. It is capable of being used in a one number call center, or at a single store.

Delivery module can also be used in a multi-concept restaurant with fine dining, take away, and Restaurant Based Delivery (RBD) operation under one roof. The core of Pointsoft Delivery is the same as TableService and QuickService modules; therefore, employees who are familiar with one with be able to use the other.

Pointsoft Delivery is installed in hundreds of outlets in the region, empowering industry leaders like Pizza Hut with unparalleled advantages.

Features highlight:

  • Customer database
  • Street database
  • Integrated CRM
  • Driver management
  • Performance tracking

Customer Database

Customer information are saved on-the-fly into database; no manual re-keying is required. This includes customer name, telephone number, address, driving direction, and special remarks for "internal" use that will not be revealed to the customer.

The next time this telephone number is entered, operator will immediate be able to see customer's name, address, date of first and last order, as well as total loyalty points accumulated.

Pointsoft Delivery

Street Database

Street database of the local delivery area are maintained for quick customer address entry. Enter the first letter to bring up a lookup table, and once a street is selected, all other information will be filled in automatically (city, map zone, etc.)

Pointsoft also caters for the unique challenge in the greater China region, where it is necessary to enter delivery address in Chinese language. Two specific address lookup modules were developed (one for China and Taiwan, the other for Hong Kong) according to the different, and sometimes complicated, local address format.

Pointsoft Delivery

Integrated CRM

Pointsoft Delivery helps you identify and reward frequent customers. Reports with selective searching criteria are available to pin-point your target group (any combination of total purchase within a specific period, frequency of purchase, age and gender group, birthday month, podding location, etc.)

Mailing labels can be generated directly, or output a list of email addresses electronically. It can also help you identify and win back lapsed customers with our Lapsed Customer report.

Pointsoft Delivery

Driver Management

Pointsoft Delivery uses a barcode dispatching system. Driver scans the barcode printed on the delivery guest check, then scan his own name badge. It's that simple. Out the door time is recorded, accountability of the order is assigned to the driver, and the order is ready to go in less than a second.

An independent tally is kept for each delivery driver, providing revenue, performance, and productivity reports for each driver.

Drivers can make money drops during a shift; money drops are subtracted from the drivers' revenues report to compute the net amount due at the end of a shift.

Performance Tracking

Our Delivery module keeps track of Call Time, Out the Door Time, Driver Return to Store Time, and computes At the Door Time based on the number of deliveries for that trip.

Reports are available to show percentage of on-time deliveries, as well as late deliveries.

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