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Pointsoft CRM (Customer Relationship Management) helps you build and maintain customer relationships. Find out who your best customers are, what they are buying, when they are buying, and reward their loyalty with effective promotions.

Pointsoft CRM helps you invest your marketing efforts and funds in the right customers at the right time - putting big smiles on you and your customers!

Table: On-line CRM

Pointsoft CRM

Other .com loyalty programs

Fully integrated into POS

Run separately from POS

Accessible from any POS station

Accessible only from one single station

Lets you own and control your own data

Share your transaction and membership data with third parties / competitors

Features highlight:

  • Internet-based membership system (available also on Smartcards)
  • Centralized SQL database
  • Integrated into front-end POS - accessible from any station
  • Typical processing time less than 0.5 second
  • Empower employees with instant and valuable customer information
  • On-line reward point accumulation
  • Automatic discount based on pre-defined member classes
  • Know your customers and their buying habits
  • Flexible targeting tools: search by any combination of total purchase within any period, frequency of purchase, age, gender, birthday, geographical location, etc.
  • Produce mailing labels, email list, or send as SMS to cell phones
  • Sales Mix Reports by age and gender groups
  • Lapsed Customer Report to recover lost customers

Screen shot:

Swipe membership card on POS -> system retrieves customer information from centralized data server (typically in less than 1 second) -> display customer information on POS screen (customer name, birthday, special date, last purchase date, accumulated reward points, etc.)

on-line CRM

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