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Pointsoft Reporter is a powerful tool that lets you view reports, graphs, and spreadsheets. It consolidates front-of-house sales and operation activities, labor management, food cost, inventory level, and CRM reports into a single application. It is like having the ability to take instant snap shots of your operation information.

Reports are not fixed to weekly or monthly - they can span any time period from a single day to cross months and years. Users simply click a Start Day and an End Day on the calendar. Of the over 80 standard reports available, many provide multiple views. It is also very easy to export reports to Excel spreadsheet for further analysis; save as HTML for direct posting onto your company Intranet; or click the “Email” button to have the report email to your colleagues.

Pointsoft Reporter

Features highlight:

  • Instant access to restaurant sales and operation data
  • Over 80 standard reports - many with multiple views
  • Unrestricted reporting periods
  • View real-time reports from front-of-house
  • Show reports on screen, or print to any Windows printer
  • Export to Excel, HTML, PDF, ASCII text, etc.
  • Multiple reporting options - detail or summary, whole day or selective meal periods

Pointsoft Reporter Pointsoft Reporter

Headquarters Reporter:

HQ Reporter adds the ability to consolidate reports from different outlets. Outlets can be grouped in any way - by geographical location, by area manager, by concept, by franchisee, etc. Ad hoc outlet selection is also possible, by selecting a single or multiple outlets.

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