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We believe the efficiency of handheld Order Entry System (OES) depends largely on the handheld device.

Pointsoft utilizes "Pocket PC" based PDA, like the powerful HP iPAQ hx2410 with integrated Wi-Fi, for order entry, which forms a natural extension of Pointsoft TableService.

Like all our POS modules, orders are entered using touch screen. System flows are also very similar - meaning only minimal re-training for crews. There are no hard to remember PLU codes (1071 for Coke, 2513 for Caesar Salad... you get the picture.) Menu are organized by product families, and clearly displayed in English or in the local language.

Different Pointsoft OES modules are available for restaurants, bars, and quick service establishments.

Features highlight:

  • Graphical floor plans - just like our TableService floor plans
  • Directly record orders at tableside
  • Increase server productivity by eliminating double entry (pen, then POS)
  • Improve table turn by providing faster service
  • Print quest check from anywhere
  • Simple user interface
  • Read forced modifiers - reduce server training time
  • Servers can repeat order at tableside - resulting in fewer data entry errors
  • Available in English and Unicode (standard Chinese, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean)

Pointsoft Wireless OES

PDA and Proprietary hand-held system comparison

Table: PDA and Proprietary hand-held system comparison


Proprietary hand-held terminal


Off-the-shelf PDA and Access Points

Available only from one vendor

PDA Processor

Typically 400MHz Intel PXA255 Processor

88060 or similar low performance processors


Typically 64 Mb SDRAM

128 Kb


240 x 320 TFT color LCD; 64K color; touch screen. Up to 30 items per page.

128 x 64 FSTN LCD; monochrome; keypad. Displays 3 items per page.

Battery Life

Up to 8 hours with extended battery.

2 hours or less


Any Windows supported language

Dependant on developer

Access Point

Standard 802.11b Wi-Fi; 11Mbps Ethernet over TCP/IP (supports 802.11g when it becomes available)

Non-standard 19.2Kbps over RS-232C connection

User friendliness

Touch screen - similar user interface as POS

PLU based - completely learning another interface

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